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The turn of the century has seen a lot of change in trends, culture and even values. Imagine living together as husband and wife without getting married. In the old days it was not just frowned upon, the couple also runs the risk of being excommunicated from the community and family. These days, it’s not just widely popular, it is acceptable as well. Not to mention making the same sex marriage legal and binding. The point is, nothing is constant; things change, and so do people.

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One other new thing that’s been making a lot of noise lately is the use of sugar daddy dating sites. And this is not without good reason. A lonely bachelor wanting to hold someone, especially younger ladies, can simply go online, browse through the best sugar daddy website, and find the lady to fill his needs. Who cares if he be called a sugar daddies so long as the couple is satisfied.

But what could be the reasons why older men, or it is only fair to call them, gentlemen, prefer the company of younger women?

Adventure is fun

Boys will be boys, and men like being boys again. They may be taller, bigger, and older but in their hearts, they still feel like they need some sort of fun and adventure. Being with younger girls therefore gives them this sense or feel of what it feels like to be young again. Also, anything that’s new to the taste, sight and smell is always intriguing and therefore fun.

What’s unknown is exciting

In the book, ��Why Men Marry Bitches’, Sherry Argov says if women show every inch of their skin to their men, they think everything about her is served and given. There’s nothing left to discover so to speak. On the other hand, because the younger lady is way younger than he is, the gentleman craves to always want to know what’s going on in her mind. It can well be likened to a jungle he has always wanted to explore.

Predictable is boring

Men need to something different and out of the ordinary every now and then. This could be one of the many reasons why few marriages last until the husbands reach their 50’s. The humdrum of the everyday life –work, home, bar, wears any man out, even women too, for that matter. The daily activities of the younger girls can and will definitely pique the interest of these older guys. This makes the attraction even more solid compared with the relationship of a man and a woman of the same age.

Ego and pride

Getting the young ladies gives older men an advantage and an opportunity to be on top of the other men during bar talks. When their ego swells, they talk smarter, walk taller and just glow with pride among friends. The fact that their lady at the moment is young and therefore dependent on them on almost every aspect of the lady’s life, especially in bed, makes them feel like they’re the king of the world.