What Is Sugar Daddy And Sugar Baby? How To Be A Sugar Baby And Sugar Baby Lifestyle?


These are probably the most common word you will ever come across in the dating world. They are not just any other words but they show a relationship that is slightly beyond the expected societal norms. A sugar baby will expect a lot from the sugar daddy while the reverse is true. The two cannot sustain their relationship if there are no benefits accrued. A sugar baby will expect to be pampered and treated well by the sugar daddy while the sugar daddy will expect more sex from the sugar baby. In most instances, the sugar daddy is far much older than the sugar baby which makes its look as the latter is being exploited just for sex.

Its is also a common scenario to find relationships between these two being secretive as they fear the repercussions of being exposed to the public. To the sugar daddy, it may mean breakage of his family something he may not be willing to forego at any given time. And to the sugar baby, it may mean meeting with eyes of the unforgiving public and consequently tainting her image. A relationship between the two is associated with low morals and lack of values of the those involved. But the words sugar daddy are slowly being replaced by 'sponsor' in the current day society. This is a reflection of the true meaning of sugar daddy where he is meant to take care of most if not every need of his sugar baby. However, sugar daddies tend to manage and control the life of sugar babies which is construed to be hunger for power in cases where the sugar daddy feels some sought of emotional devoid.

In most instances, these relationships exist to fill some existing gaps between the two and are never really out to meet unmet emotional needs. You will hear of stories where a sugar baby have accumulated a lot of wealth and expensive gifts from the sugar daddy which tends to make the relationship between the two appealing from a third party's perspective. The fate of that wealth in case of a break-up lies on the sugar daddy since he can decide to take it away with him. To be a sugar baby is a matter of choice and to maintain being a 'cool' sugar baby requires one to be on her toes and always look exemption-ally well since the sugar daddy is most a times not looking for a replacement of his wife who may not be good at dressing. The sugar baby has to be available when needed and perform well sexually.

Sugar daddies hunger for power can be damaging to the self-esteem and confidence of a sugar baby as he tries to control every aspect of the latter's life. This is not to forgot that sugar daddies are the jealous types and irregardless of whether they are married or not, they do not wish that the sugar babies have another partner. If the sugar baby is not wise enough, she can end up wasting a lot of her time and body on the sugar daddy and end up unmarried as age catches up with her.

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